Rogier van der Weyden

Tournai 1399 - Brüssel 1464

Rogier van der Weyden, who was originally called Rogier da la Pasture, was born as the son of the knife-maker Henry de la Pasture in 1399 or 1400. Rogier van der Weyden received his artistic training from the painter Robert Campin between 1427 and 1432, probably initially training as a sculptor and later as a painter. On August 1, 1432 Rogier van der Weyden was admitted to the Tournai painters guild as a master. A little later he went to Brussels, where he married Elisabeth Lysebette Goffaert, with whom he had two sons, who became painters and goldsmiths, just like his grandson, the painter Goosen van der Wyden.
Thanks to his successful career, the city of Brussels appointed Rogier van der Weyden as its official painter in 1436. Only a few years later he had become a highly recognized artist and man of social acclaim. He was also a member of the important "Broederschap H.Cruys", whose members included the Burgundy Duke Philipp the Good and people of his court. Although Rogier van der Weyden had never been in the service of the Burgundy court, he became its leading portrait painter after the death of Jan van Eyck.
In 1450 van der Weyden went on a prolonged trip to Italy, during which he traveled to Rome, Florence and other places, but his own work remained largely untouched by the influence of Italian Renaissance. In 1460 van der Weyden began to teach the court painter of the Duchess of Milan, Zanaetto Bugatto. Unfortunately, the relationship between the two painters turned out to be difficult and resulted in a conflict which could only be solved by the mediation of the Dauphin.
During his time in Brussels, van der Weyden became a wealthy man. He did, however, show commitment to his city by donating money to charitable foundations and by becoming a benefactor of the Brussels Beguines, for whom he carried out the hospital administration.
On July 18, 1464 Rogier van der Weyden died and was buried at the altar of St. Katharina in the of St. Gudula church.

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